Construction Contract Fundamentals


13 September 2018 – Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Why should I attend this Seminar?

We enter into contracts every day of our lives, whether buying groceries from the supermarket or paying to park in a car park.

Most of those contracts are simple and often verbal. However, due to the complex nature of construction, and the many things that can go wrong, construction contracts will be complicated, unwieldy and often confusing even to the most seasoned construction professional.

This seminar provides an overview of contracts in general and construction contracts in particular. It examines typical clauses with real world examples to aid understanding.

You will learn:

  • What is a contract?
  • How contracts are made
  • The essential elements of a contract
  • About Standard Forms of Contract
  • About obligations and liabilities
  • About payment, changes, delays and breach of contract
  • How to critically examine other typical provisions

The seminar is interactive and questions and answers with the speaker are encouraged throughout the day.

Recommended for:

This seminar is recommended for anyone who is working under, or will be working under, any form of contract in the construction supply chain, including Principals, Contractors, Superintendents and Sub-Contractors.

The seminar is suitable for those with little knowledge of contracts through to those with a more solid understanding.

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