Our services centre on providing commercial construction, contract and dispute resolution advice to organisations across the construction supply chain. We help you avoid disputes by helping them understand dispute drivers and implementing mitigation plans, such as training and improved collaboration. We also offer extensive alternative dispute resolution services if you are currently in dispute. We are not solicitors, so we cannot give legal advice (although we can give contract advice) and cannot act for you in court (90% of disputes are resolved without going to court). Please take a look at our services page for more information.

Construction and infrastructure are our primary areas of expertise. We work with all organisations across the construction supply chain.

No, we can help everyone across the entire supply chain, from the smallest subcontractors to the largest multinationals. The only restriction is whether we have a conflict, i.e. if we act for someone, then we cannot act against them in dispute resolution matters.

Concordia Resolution is the trading name of CMC Asia Pacific Pty Ltd in Australia, owned by Steven Evans and the trading name of Commercial Management Consulting Limited in New Zealand, owned by Raine Selles. Steven and Raine have worked together for many years but retain ownership of their individual companies in their home countries, choosing to collaborate under a single name. Neither CMC Asia Pacific Pty Ltd in Australia nor Commercial Management Consulting in New Zealand are associated with each other in any way save for sharing the trading name and website and as set out within this website

Existing clients can call us as we already have a consulting agreement. New clients may email us, telephone us or book a free initial consultation by clicking here. In that initial consultation, we will listen to your issue and advise if we can help you. As part of that initial contact, we will check for any conflicts that might prevent us from acting for you; for instance, we might be actively working for someone in a dispute against you. If we cannot help you, we will immediately let you know; that might be because of timescales, matters outside our expertise, or if we consider your issue in a dispute is not worth pursuing. In that case, we will always be honest and tell you if your position is weak. Once we have agreed to assist you, we will send you a consulting agreement to sign. We may consider working under your purchase order terms if they are suitable and reasonable.

We usually charge an hourly rate that will vary depending on whether we need the assistance of our delivery partners. We may agree to a lump sum fee for discrete work packages. Some of our services are available on a pre-paid lump sum basis. For full details, including details of our training courses, click here.

Steven and Raine are members or fellows of various professional organisations whose terms of membership include high standards of ethical behaviour, including that in connection with confidentiality and client care. Any information provided to us is encrypted and stored in Dropbox.

Yes, much of our work can be done remotely and, as well as Australia and New Zealand, we have worked in places as diverse as Peru, Ireland, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Yes, we have many collaborative agreements with a wide range of organisations

This changes constantly; please book a free consultation to explore this more thoroughly.

The ultimate measure of success is that you no longer need our services.

That depends on the project; regular telephone or email communication is sufficient for simple projects. We can use project management software such as Asana or Monday for more complex projects.

Give us a call, drop us an email or book a free consultation.

No, we are experts in construction contracts and construction law

If your dispute progresses to litigation, you will need a solicitor to manage your case procedurally. This is because only solicitors can represent you in court. We can represent you without restriction for all other dispute resolution forums, such as adjudication, arbitration, mediation, and expert determination. 90% of disputes do not progress to court.

If you wish, however, we work closely and successfully with solicitors, whereby we carry out much of the claim preparation work in the background allowing the solicitor to deal with pleading and procedural matters, thus reducing your costs.

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