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About Concordia Resolution

We’re dedicated to transforming the landscape of contract and commercial management in the construction industry.

With a deep understanding of the Australian and New Zealand markets, we specialise in guiding individuals and organisations through the complexities of the industry, helping them navigate disputes, improve processes, and ultimately drive success.

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Steven C Evans


Steven has over 30 years of experience working in construction, both for major international contractors and expert dispute resolution organisations, mostly at senior or director level positions. He joined CMC Asia Pacific (later, Concordia) in 2016 to assist in the company’s expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Steven’s experience encompasses a wide range of market sectors, construction types and methods, covering disciplines such as quantity surveying, commercial management, project management, claim preparation and defence, adjudication, arbitration, mediation, contract drafting and vetting and training.

New Zealand

Raine Selles


Raine has been working in the construction industry since the age of 17 and has built a career around the resolution of complex construction disputes internationally. In 2013, she founded CMC Asia Pacific (later, Concordia), and in a short time, have developed it into a professional and well-respected organisation within the region.

She has helped settle more than 800 disputes and has achieved settlements of more than $5bn in New Zealand and Australia.

Raine practices as an Expert Witness, Adjudicator, Mediator and Arbitrator but her main focus is on facilitating the parties to reach agreement without the need to invoke formal processes.

Her background in quantity surveying and commercial/project management and being qualified in law pays dividends in having construction knowledge that lawyers do not.

Raine is NZ’s leading authority on NZ3910:2013 and has trained Stakeholders across all disciplines for almost 10 years. She also regularly lectures on Contract Law, Adjudication under the CCA, NEC 4 and more.

About Us

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Partner with us to unlock new possibilities and take your business to the next level.

Our Experience

Over 70 years of combined industry experience, including 30 years specialising in dispute resolution, our founders at Concordia Resolution are dedicated to helping organisations navigate the complexities of the construction industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance your construction projects. We are committed to achieving better outcomes for you and aim to leave you in a stronger financial position than before you engaged us.

Our Approach

Our approach is distinct and effective. We swiftly identify the core issue at hand and address it directly, avoiding unnecessary focus on extraneous matters or procedural complexities.

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Construction and infrastructure are our primary areas of expertise. We work with all organisations across the construction supply chain.
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We usually charge an hourly rate that will vary depending on whether we need the assistance of our delivery partners. We may agree to a lump sum fee for discrete work packages. Some of our services are available on a pre-paid lump sum basis. For full details, including details of our training courses, click here.


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