We Believe that construction disputes can be avoided, mitigated or effectively resolved by applying practical legal knowledge, professional objectivity and appropriate expert skills.


We are a multi-disciplinary practice providing expert contract, dispute resolution, commercial management and training services to our clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Note, we are not solicitors, so cannot act for you in court (but we work closely with world leading solicitors practices) but we are both construction and legal experts and can bring that expertise to bear on your dispute and drive it to the most cost effective solution.

Concordia Resolution prides itself on its integrity, being approachable, professional and discreet and on building strong, long lasting relationships with our clients. 

Our team has an extensive background as quantity surveyors, commercial managers and project managers, are qualified in law and are members or fellows of key professional organisations. We are highly attuned to commercial opportunity and potential contractual risk. 

Our legal knowledge combined with our practical experience allows us to bring a fresh approach to the solution of a problem in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

We recognise that if your project is in difficulty, the last thing you want to do is to spend more money. Sometimes you find you have no choice. 

Our objective is to put you in a better position financially, with significantly lower risk, than if you had not appointed us. We will work closely with you on a personal basis to ensure you receive the most relevant advice to your situation. 

We always seek to resolve or avoid disputes at the lowest possible cost, rather than perpetuate them.

Our teams have a track record of effectively trouble-shooting problematic projects and resolving issues promptly, as they arise. 

It is our strong belief that any potential dispute is resolved early, at site level, and formal proceedings should be a last resort.

We provide a wide range of professional support services including contract advice, vetting and drafting; dispute avoidance; dispute management and resolution; time and quantum claim preparation and analysis; adjudication; arbitration; mediation; litigation support; commercial assistance and management; expert witness; project review and training.

For Adjudication, Arbitration and Mediation we offer a single point of contact, preparing and managing your dispute from start to finish.

We provide contractual advice, prepare your claim, draft your pleadings and represent you in proceedings, thereby avoiding the cost of engaging separate experts, solicitors and barristers.

Our team is fully conversant with dispute resolution legislation and has significant international experience in all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our clients are wide ranging and include sub contractors; main contractors; employers; suppliers; domestic developers; local government; energy companies; architects; quantity surveyors and engineers.