We offer a range of services designed to help you achieve your project goals. Our team of experienced consultants has a proven track record of delivering results for organisations across the entire construction supply chain. Our services are categorised as Contract, Systems and People. All services are ‘stand-alone’, but some are available as part of a managed ‘transformational journey’.


It is essential to have a properly compiled construction contract in place between the parties, which all parties understand and with which all parties comply. The top 5 dispute drivers always include:

  • A poorly drafted contract

  • A lack of understanding of the contract

  • A failure to comply with the contract

One of the most important aspects of collaboration is compliance with the contract. Often a party is accused of being ‘too contractual’ if they comply with the contract as if this is a criticism. But surely it is a compliment? The contract represents what the parties have agreed to and promised to do in each circumstance. It sets out the ‘rules of the game’, and we can’t ignore it. We can’t collaborate without trust, and we can’t build trust without consistent action and consistently doing what we promised to do.

We can help you:

  • Select an appropriate contract and/or procurement strategy for your project
  • Draft any required amendments to standard forms of contract
  • Trial new forms of contract, including producing a 'gap' analysis showing the differences between your current contract and the new one
  • Collate your contract documents and review them for disparities and discrepancies
  • Review contracts given to you by others before you sign them and be bound by their terms
  • Comply with a contract's requirements, minimising the opportunity for dispute. We do this in such a way as to maintain your relationship with your delivery partner
  • Resolve any disputes which may arise.


Having the right systems in place allows you to manage your project more efficiently, avoid or minimise risks and obtain detailed performance reports enabling you to make informed decisions.

We can help you improve your commercial management systems to maximise your project’s financial performance, providing reports which can highlight problems early.

With our partners, we can help you plan your project, prepare an effective and realistic schedule/programme, and keep it up to date for early notification of delays.

At what stage in a construction project should you engage a delay expert? You may say, never. But delays are matters of fact, and liability is a separate issue. Having a clear, accurate and up-to-date programme at all times showing all of the current delays will not only give you early warning of any delay to the completion date but also give you a framework to manage and mitigate any disruption effectively.

We also strongly advise the use of software platforms to aid us in managing our projects. We do not just mean as a communication system or a document repository, but rather software that is interactive, which reminds us when we should respond to a communication, which gives us essential reports about how effectively we manage our risks, about how quickly we, or our delivery partner, reply to communications. With that knowledge, we can make improvements that save millions of dollars across multiple large projects.


But let's take a step further. We can use AI to analyse communications between the parties and give early warning when the sentiment of communications moves from positive and informative to hostile and passive-aggressive, indicating an impending breakdown in the relationship. With that early warning, we can intervene to avoid potential problems developing.

We recommend FastDraft by Built Intelligence, a contract management platform that can do all of the above.


We may have mature systems and collaborative contracts, but success might still escape us if our people are not trained effectively.

We offer:

  • Face-to-face training in public courses that we run regularly
  • Face-to-face training in-house at your premises for all of your staff; these courses can be
    • Unamended from our standard list of courses
    • Entirely bespoke courses based on your particular requirements or
    • Anything in between and
    • Can be delivered just to you or you and your delivery partners
  • On-demand e-learning allowing you to upskill in your own time and to your own schedule

In addition, we offer specialist training to your team if you are moving from traditional contracting methods to collaboration. This requires a substantial change in mindset, and improving your emotional intelligence is vital. With our partners, we can map out a unique training plan for you, dealing with such matters as:

  • Managing ingrained behaviours

  • Dealing effectively with stressful discussions

  • Managing conflict

  • Negotiation tactics

  • Persuasion

  • How to have crucial conversations

  • The effect of stress on intelligence....’ when emotion is high, intelligence is low.’

  • Assuming positive intent in all discussions

  • Team formation and performance