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Comprehensive Project Support Services

Our comprehensive range of services are tailored to help you achieve your project goals. With a team of seasoned consultants who have a proven track record of success across the construction supply chain, we offer services in Contractual Guidance, Operational Excellence and Professional Development.

While each service is available as a stand-alone option, some can also be integrated into a managed ‘transformational journey’ for enhanced effectiveness.

Navigating the Construction Contract Landscape

Contractual Guidance

A robust, clear construction contract is essential, setting project expectations and obligations. Yet, disputes can still emerge if it’s not fully understood or adhered to. Recognising the causes of disputes and the importance of compliance is crucial.

Key Drivers of Disputes in Construction Projects

Disputes in construction often stem from issues with the contract. Poor drafting, misunderstandings, and non-compliance with terms are key factors. Clear, concise contract terms are crucial for avoiding disputes and ensuring project success.

Strict adherence to contract terms is essential for effective collaboration, signaling commitment to promises and agreements. Embracing the contract as a guiding framework builds trust among stakeholders, laying a foundation for project success.

Beyond a legal document, the construction contract is a project roadmap, outlining rules, expectations, and obligations. It provides clarity and direction throughout the project lifecycle, guiding actions to mitigate risks, avoid disputes, and stay on track.

Strict adherence to contract terms is essential for effective collaboration, signalling commitment to promises and agreements. Embracing the contract as a guiding framework builds trust among stakeholders, laying a foundation for project success.

  • Select an appropriate contract and/or procurement strategy for your project
  • Draft any required amendments to standard forms of contract
  • Trial new forms of contract, including producing a ‘gap’ analysis showing the differences between your current contract and the new one
  • Collate your contract documents and review them for disparities and discrepancies
  • Review contracts given to you by others before you sign them and be bound by their terms
  • Comply with a contract’s requirements, minimising the opportunity for dispute. We do this in such a way as to maintain your relationship with your delivery partner
  • Resolve any disputes which may arise.

Elevate your business with custom management systems

Operational Excellence

Efficient project management relies on having the right systems in place to manage risks, obtain performance reports, and make informed decisions. Improving commercial management systems can maximise financial performance and highlight potential problems early on.

Strategic Project Planning and Management

Collaborating with our partners, we offer services to plan projects effectively, develop realistic schedules, and maintain up-to-date programs. Early notification of delays is crucial, and a clear, accurate program helps manage and mitigate disruptions.

We advocate for the use of interactive software platforms for project management, beyond mere communication or document repositories. These platforms provide essential reports on risk management effectiveness and response times, leading to cost-saving improvements across projects.

Determining when to engage a delay expert in a construction project is crucial. Delays are factual issues, and having an updated program showing all current delays provides early warning and a framework for effective management and mitigation.

AI can be utilised to analyse communications and detect shifts in sentiment, indicating potential breakdowns in relationships. Early intervention based on AI insights can help avoid and resolve problems before they escalate. We recommend FastDraft by Built Intelligence, a contract management platform that offers comprehensive project management capabilities.

Navigating conflicts to efficient resolutions

Dispute Resolution Expertise

Management of disagreements and disputes is a key part of a successful project outcome. Whether it is negation, mediation, arbitration or adjudication, we can help manage your dispute to an efficient conclusion and help you put in place systems to avoid disputes in the future

Gain insight and Explore Professional Development

Our tailored programs are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge, empowering you to navigate complex contracts and manage commercial aspects effectively.

Elevate your project management skills with our interactive, in-person workshops.

Advance your expertise with our flexible online courses in contract management and collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear and concise answers to help streamline your experience with our business.

What industries do you specialise in?

Construction and infrastructure are our primary areas of expertise. We work with all organisations across the construction supply chain.

Existing clients can call us as we already have a consulting agreement. New clients may email us, telephone us or book a free initial consultation by clicking here. In that initial consultation, we will listen to your issue and advise if we can help you.

As part of that initial contact, we will check for any conflicts that might prevent us from acting for you; for instance, we might be actively working for someone in a dispute against you.

If we cannot help you, we will immediately let you know; that might be because of timescales, matters outside our expertise, or if we consider your issue in a dispute is not worth pursuing. In that case, we will always be honest and tell you if your position is weak.

Once we have agreed to assist you, we will send you a consulting agreement to sign. We may consider working under your purchase order terms if they are suitable and reasonable.

No, we are experts in construction contracts and construction law

If your dispute progresses to litigation, you will need a solicitor to manage your case procedurally. This is because only solicitors can represent you in court. We can represent you without restriction for all other dispute resolution forums, such as adjudication, arbitration, mediation, and expert determination. 90% of disputes do not progress to court.
We usually charge an hourly rate that will vary depending on whether we need the assistance of our delivery partners. We may agree to a lump sum fee for discrete work packages. Some of our services are available on a pre-paid lump sum basis. For full details, including details of our training courses, click here.

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