The Australian and New Zealand construction market share is more than $300 billion. A recent report suggests it spends up to 2.6% of its costs on disputes.

This equates to about $7.8 billion……on disputes!.

Can we make that number approach zero? Probably not. But imagine if we could reduce that by just 10%? 

That’s a $780 million saving. Straight to your bottom line.

In addition, those numbers do not take into account the broader impact of disputes on the following:

  • Your reputation
  • Your relationship with your delivery partner
  • The mental health of your team
  • Repeat business
  • Staff retention

Why choose us?

Our founders have amassed over 70 years of experience in our industry and over 30 years in helping organisations like yours avoid or properly resolve disputes. We have worked in our industry, and we understand:

  • How construction projects are put together
  • The challenges you face
  • The disputes and disagreements that can arise
  • The mistakes that can be made

and we also understand:

  • The negative attitude of some organisations, which serves to create problems rather than solve them

Our mission is to:

  • Improve your current systems
  • Train your people
  • Review your contracts
  • Resolve your disputes

We are committed to helping you achieve better outcomes for your construction projects. We aim to put you in a better financial position than before you appointed us.

We stand against those that seek to disrupt the flow of a construction project, who create problems rather than resolve them, who cause disputes and disruption on your project and then profit from you.

We stand for you, our partners, and making our industry a more collaborative, effective, efficient and much-improved place to do business.

Our approach is unique.

Whatever you need us to do, we’ll quickly get to the nub of the issue and address it.

We won’t waste your time and money dealing with extraneous matters or focusing unnecessarily on process and procedure.

We will work with your existing resources and use your people as much as possible, under our guidance, to deal with your issue so you’re not incurring unnecessary costs engaging outside experts, solicitors, counsel, delay analysts and so on. We partner with many organisations who provide those services, so they can be supplied through us as a ‘one-stop shop’ if necessary.

For more information about our approach to specific issues, visit our services page.

Together, Raine and Steven have:


Helped over 500 organisations achieve a better project outcome


Delivered over 400 training courses


Over 70 years of combined experience


Over 90% of courses have a 5 star rating

Why the name Concordia Resolution?

We can’t avoid disputes or disagreements. But this is a good thing, as we need conflict and debate to move projects forward.

We’ve all heard of the stages of team formation first proposed in 1965: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Disagreement is an essential part of this process. Not everyone will agree on how to execute a project, so providing everyone involved with a psychologically safe environment to express their opinion is essential.

We can only implement an effective project management plan by collating those diverse opinions. Therefore, how we respond to this disagreement is crucial. This ‘task conflict’ should not develop into a ‘relationship conflict’; we must be able to resolve these task conflicts without reverting to emotions.

In other words, we must resolve all conflicts and disagreements (whether big or small) harmoniously.

Concordia is the Latin word for harmony. This is where we come in: we assist in the
harmonious resolution of conflict, whether it is conflict with a small ‘c’ or a Conflict with a big,
unmissable, expensive ‘C’.

Who are we?


“I have over 30 years’ experience working in construction both for major international contractors and expert dispute resolution organisations, mostly at senior or director level positions. I joined CMC Asia Pacific (later, Concordia) in 2016 to assist in the company’s expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region”.
Steven C Evans


“I have working in the construction industry since 17 and have built a career around the resolution of complex construction disputes internationally. In 2013 I founded CMC Asia Pacific (later, Concordia) and in a short time have developed it into a professional and well-respected organisation within the region.”
Raine Selles

One final note, if we work for you, then we cannot work against you, so you need to be quick….

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