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Effective Training

June 19, 2018

Effective training relies heavily on the quality of the trainer. Below are some recent comments from delegates attending our seminars in New Zealand:

“Explanations by Raine were thorough but in terms/context, easily understood.”

“Raine has an expert knowledge; a leader in the field of construction”

“Raine’s knowledge of the subject is amazing”

“Facilitator was extremely knowledgeable on all topics and questions thrown at her”

“Approachability of Raine. Open forum for discussion, Good coverage of topic and focus on real life situations”

“Raine’s knowledge on this subject matter is impressive”

“Approachable and open with sharing experiences”

“Very clear and easy to understand”

“Overall Raine was able to explain thoroughly those topics that were covered”

“Will definitely be implementing the forms into processes on-site and in office”

“Great info and resources available”

“Very knowledgeable”

“Very good with clear experience to fall back on as examples of situations”

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