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New Face to Face courses in New Zealand

December 1, 2022

COVID is (hopefully) over and as we emerge blinking in the sunlight, we realise we can go back to face to face training. Without doubt this is the best medium for improving our knowledge especially when they are hosted by our amazing Raine Selles. Raine brings many years of experience to her training seminars and backs up the facts about contracts, delay, disruption, programming, etc with real life anecdotes and stories that help you learn how to be more effective and efficient.

Planned courses for the first quarter of 2023 are:

Courses for Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers

  • Introduction to Contract Law, preparing and reviewing tender documents and getting the contract packaged correctly – one day course $995 plus GST 15/02/23
  • An introduction to programming. Understanding planning basics including float, time risk allowances, different approaches to delay analysis, contractual obligations in respect of the programme and when to update and managing subcontractors – one day course $995 plus GST 22/02/23
  • Understanding extensions of time, legal obligations in construction, interpretation and meaning of condition precedent clauses and current case law in respect of delay, concurrency, recovery of costs, time “at large” and SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol – one day course $995 plus GST 09/03/23
  • Understanding the role of the Engineer to the Contract under NZS3910:2013, how to challenge decisions of the ETC, and main contractors obligations to Subcontractors – one day course $995 plus GST 16/03/23
  • Measurement – How to measure drawings and deal with errors, omissions, provisional sums, PC Sums, clarification and value variations -$995 plus GST 05/04/23


Being Engineer to the Contract

This is a full and detailed course on how to properly perform the function of the Engineer to the Contract. Click here for more information – 2 day course $1800 plus GST

Delay and Disruption in Construction in a post COVID world

How to deal with delay and disruption in today’s world of covid, inflation and war.  Timely issuing of Notices covering all entitlements and managing extensions of time and increased costs against adversity – one day course $995 plus GST

Events will be held in various locations around New Zealand depending on demand. All courses are also available in house.

All prices are in NZD

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