NEC4 ECC – in practice

NEC4 ECC – in practice

An in-depth, full day, look at the NEC4 ECC covering all the major provisions. Unlike many other courses, this course gives practical examples of how to operate the early warning provisions, how to assess a compensation event and many more.

About this course


Covers all major provisions of the NEC4 ECC


Gives examples of compensation event assessments, payment assessments, early warnings and more

Practical Use

Gives you the confidence to use this contract day to day


Free 30 minute consultation with the Instructor to discuss your Z clauses on completion of the course

What You'll Learn


  • What is NEC4?
  • NEC4 Characteristics
  • NEC4 Family
  • The ECC
  • The ECC Structure
  • The main Options
  • Core Clauses
  • Secondary Options
  • Contract Data
  • Other Documents
  • How the contract is formed

Scope, Site Information and Other Documents

  • Scope
  • Site Information
  • Pricing Documents
  • Other Documents


  • Identified and Defined Terms
  • Communications
  • The personalities
  • Spirit of mutual trust and cooperation
  • Early Warning
  • Early Warning examples
  • Other provisions

The Contractor’s Main Responsibilities

  • Providing the Works
  • Design
  • People
  • Working with Others and Key Dates
  • Subcontractors


  • Starting, Completing and Key Dates
  • Completion
  • The Programme
  • Accepted Programme
  • Planned Completion
  • Programme Updates
  • Sanctions
  • Access and instructions to stop or not to start
  • Takeover
  • Acceleration

Quality Management

  • Quality Management System
  • Tests and Inspections
  • Searching and notifying Defects
  • Definitions
  • Start of defects correction period
  • Accepting Defects
  • Uncorrected Defects
  • Defects Certificate

Defined Cost

  • What is Defined Cost and how is it used?
  • Assessing Defined Cost
  • The Schedules of Cost Components
  • Other provisions
  • Examples


  • Assessing the amount due
  • Price for Work Done to Date
  • Defined Cost
  • Disallowed Costs
  • The Fee
  • Forecast amount to be paid
  • Payment
  • Final Assessment
  • Contractor’s share

Compensation events

  • Definition
  • What are the events?
  • The process, from notification to implementation
  • Assessing compensation events
  • Compensation event assessment examples
  • Project Manager assessments
  • Proposed instructions


  • Plant and Material title
  • Objects and materials within the Site

Liabilities and insurance

  • Client and Contractor’s liabilities
  • Insurance


  • Termination
  • Reason for terminating
  • The termination table
  • Procedures
  • Payment following termination

W, X, Y and Z clauses

  • W clauses and dispute resolution
  • X clauses and ‘bespoking’ the contract
  • Y clauses and use in Australia and New Zealand
  • Z clauses and additional conditions of contract

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What is NEC4?

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